North Side Spokane Urgent Care Center Gives Tips for Summer Camping Safety

Summer is just around the corner and certainly at least one of your activities for the season involves the outdoors. Camping ismost likely among the many things that you will be doing with your family and friends. Nearby Porcupine Bay Campground is an ideal location, and it’s open all year round.

Summer Camping Safety

Summer fun aside, one must not forget to take precautionary measures to avoid possible injuries or accidents. Being in the outdoors is enjoyable and healthy, but if you don’t take sufficient care, you might get bitten by insects, break a bone due to a fall, or get an upset stomach because you did not pack your food properly.

To help you have a more enjoyable camping trip in Washington locations like the famous Lake Roosevelt, make sure to take these safety tips from a local North Side Spokane urgent care center seriously.

In Case of Skin Allergies

You never know what kind of ferns or shrubs you are brushing up against when you take a walk in the forest. Lovely as the sights may be, you must be careful not to come into contact with potentially poisonous plants that can cause rashes or trigger allergies. Examples of these dangerous vegetation include poison ivy, oak, and sumac.

Avoid scratching the affected area so as to not spread the rash. Instead, wash it immediately with running water. Ideally, you should also have an ointment for the rash inside your first aid kit. You may need additional treatment, which you should get from a doctor, but at least you can ease the discomfort until you are able to get to a clinic.

In Case of Wounds and Falls

Slips, twisted ankles, and falls resulting in bruises and scratches are some of the more common accidents that can occur during a camping trip. Cleaning the affected area is an important step in administering first aid. Sometimes; however, the break in the skin or the open wound is bigger than you can handle with a first aid kit.

For open wounds, make sure to apply pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding and immediately go to the nearest walk in clinic in North Side Spokane, such as U.S. HealthWorks. For broken bones, be careful not to move it anymore. The attending doctors in the walk in clinic should be able to administer the proper medication and treat the wound for a quick recovery..

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