A Walk in Clinic Offers Insights on the Most Common Asthma Treatments

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Taking part in this event means that you will be on your feet walking for hours. You might feel tired or out of breath after some time, which may be signs of a possible asthma attack. When this happens you will need to consult with North Side Spokane walk in clinics. They may offer mild medication to treat asthma as needed.

Identifying the different drugs prescribed for treating asthma can help patients be more prepared in case of sudden episodes or attacks. Having such information on hand can also inform them and their families about possible side effects, if any.

Inhalers and Nebulizers

Steroids are anti-inflammatory drugs that prevent the swelling or blocking of the air passageways in the body. They are inhaled via a spray or used in a nebulizer to produce a finer mist, and these are often used by patients on a daily basis. At times, possible side effects may be thrush or an infection in the mouth.

Injections and Pills

Some forms of steroids are administered as pills or injections. Some of these may require higher doses, and are often given to asthma patients who are experiencing severe episodes. These treatments are also commonly referred to as systemic steroids. Some noted side effects may be acne, weight gain, or possible weakness in the body.

Other Types

Another form of anti-asthma drug is called a leukotriene modifier. These help to block the secretion of mucus and the contraction of muscles in the respiratory tract. In this way, the airflow does not get restricted, and the patient is able to breathe more freely. These are usually taken as pills, and sources claim that leukotriene modifiers may be effective in long-term asthma management.

The above mentioned are only a few of the numerous medicines used for the treatment or management of asthma. It is highly recommended that patients first consult with a professional before taking any of these drugs.

North Side Spokane urgent care centers are on standby during these events in case a patient needs assistance with asthma or other conditions. They can administer quick relief for mild attacks, and help the patient become comfortable after an episode. Be sure to know the location of the nearest facility in case of emergencies.

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