A Quick Guide to Safe Fall Yard Cleanup, Sans an Urgent Care Moment

Brace yourself for a rain of leaves this coming fall. Sure, there is a lot to love about this season–cooler weather and that autumn feel–but cleaning your yard may pose some bodily risk. Raking large amounts of leaves is no easy task. It is a strenuous activity that could cause injuries, some justifying a trip to a walk-in clinic in North Side Spokane.

Because raking can exert a lot of stress and pressure on your muscles, you need to help your body make this task easier. There are ways to make raking more efficient so that your body does not endure more than it can handle.

Raking Leaves

Body Conditioning 

First, your body must be prepared for the task. Before grabbing your rake and collecting the leaves, conduct some stretching and warm-up exercises to loosen the muscles. This acclimates your body to the motions it must repeat for the next few hours. Work on your upper and lower back, neck, shoulders, arms, and legs.

You should also dress accordingly. If the temperature is cool, wear a jacket and long pants at first; cold temps tighten muscles at the risk of cramping and pulling them. Once you start sweating, remove your layers to become more comfortable and agile. Throughout the task, avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water.

Choice of Tool 

Have you been using the same rake so long that it is already rickety and rusty? Is the rake too heavy and big for you? If you answer yes to either question, then it is best to buy a new rake, one that is easier to wield and therefore less likely to spawn injury. Good tools also allow you to finish the task faster, without incident.

Body Position 

Raking is not just about piling up leaves and putting them into a bag. It requires proper posture to avoid pains. Stand straight and pivot your entire body when raking, instead of twisting your back. When you bend, use your legs rather than your waist, which could lead to a strain.

You should also alternate between both hands when using the tool. Use the left one for 10 minutes and then switch to the right. This will balance the pressure distributed to your body.

By using these tactics, you can rake yard leaves with more ease, speed and safety. Moreover, you will avoid a trip to a North Side Spokane urgent care clinic for strains or sprains.

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