North Side Spokane Urgent Care Tips for Older Runners and Marathoners

Spokane’s annual Bloomsday run has always been a much-hyped event, and residents of all ages have made it their tradition to join. Last May 3, about 42,000 participants ran and finished the race. While elite athletes and wheelchair racers were truly incredible to watch, the big crowds has always loved the unique “Bloomies”, such as those in interesting costumes. Continue reading


North Side Spokane Urgent Care Tips for Tree Planting or Gardening

Flooding has always been a concern in the city of Spokane, and local officials continually find ways to help mitigate the hazards. Recently, they partnered with plant nurseries and gave away 2,000 trees for residents to plant around their homes. Each person could get up to two free trees, which should be planted in areas where the trees can absorb storm water efficiently. This would lessen the load on the city’s storm water system, help avoid overflowing in the Spokane River, and ultimately decrease flooding hazards in the area. Continue reading

Visit a North Side Spokane Walk-in Clinic for Enterovirus Infections

Washington has recently been added to the list of states affected by the recent enterovirus outbreak. As reported by KREM in September 19, 2014 article, two children have tested positive for enterovirus D-68 in Western Washington, and six Spokane County doctors have sent lab work to the CDC to be evaluated for the virus.
Continue reading

Fearing Tuberculosis? Visit a North Side Spokane Urgent Care Center

After a brutal winter season that gave rise to numerous flu cases, residents in Washington now have to contend with even more health problems. With the spring season starting, people’s allergies are sure to act up. To make matters worse, KHQ Q6 has reported that residents might also have to deal with rising cases of tuberculosis: Continue reading