Ways to Avoid Fire Risks on Thanksgiving as Told by Urgent Care Pros

Incidences of fire become more common during Thanksgiving with families cooking and preparing for the much-awaited dinner. If you’re hosting the party, it’s likely that you will spend most of your day in the kitchen. This means that you might be exposed to risks such as burns and fires that could force you to visit an urgent care clinic in North Side Spokane. Continue reading

A Quick Guide to Safe Fall Yard Cleanup, Sans an Urgent Care Moment

Brace yourself for a rain of leaves this coming fall. Sure, there is a lot to love about this season–cooler weather and that autumn feel–but cleaning your yard may pose some bodily risk. Raking large amounts of leaves is no easy task. It is a strenuous activity that could cause injuries, some justifying a trip to a walk-in clinic in North Side Spokane.

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