North Side Spokane Urgent Care: Preventing Food-Borne Illnesses

People flock to the Spokane Farmers’ Market in search of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and other produce. Joining them could be a lot of fun as you get to bring home high quality goods, as well as talk to local farms and vendors and contribute to their livelihood. One thing to remember though when shopping at a Farmers’ Market is to ensure safety of the products you buy. North Side Spokane urgent care providers recommend proper handling of the goods before, during, and after preparing them for a meal.

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How to Avoid Falls and Injuries at the Dishman Hills Natural Area

While you are enjoying nature and hiking along the trails of the Dishman Hills Natural Area on Spokane’s north side, it is important to keep safety in mind. Although the park’s staff carefully maintains the trails, weather conditions and other unexpected issues might cause you to experience an injury during your walk or hike.
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North Side Spokane Urgent Care Urges Safety at Mt. Spokane State Park

Wintertime sports like Nordic skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling are a great way to enjoy the cold weather, get outdoors and have some fun. However, these sports can also be dangerous if you do not use the recommended safety procedures and follow the precautions and warnings posted along the trails. North Side Spokane urgent care providers offer these safety tips to help you avoid serious injuries while on the slopes. Continue reading

The Four Ways the Affordable Care Act Impacts Urgent Care Services

The passing of the Obamacare Act, or the Affordable Care Act, prompted worries about too few medical services being available to meet the rising demand of patients. Urgent care clinics throughout the country have risen to meet this need and are now overwhelmingly benefiting from the influx of insured patients who search out a variety of different medical services. Continue reading

Urgent Care Centers in an Age of Epidemics and Epidemic Prevention

We live in an age of epidemics –- or at least epidemic preparation. While infectious disease is not new to humanity, the idea that we can prepare and survive pandemics is a new one. Urgent care centers in North Side Spokane and anywhere else are an integral part of these preparations. With anti-epidemic measures in place, people can live healthier lives. Continue reading